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About Two Way Radio of Carolina, Inc. (Monroe Division)

About Two Way Radio of Carolina, Inc. (Monroe Division) has put its mark on the wireless business in the surrounding areas.  From sales to service, About Two Way Radio of Carolina, Inc. (Monroe Division) is well equipped to handle just about any wireless service request.

“If a product has a signal that travels through the air, chances are we sell it”   Mark Fowler, Vice President and Co-Owner.

In 1986, Hoyte and Mark Fowler opened About Two Way Radio of Carolina, Inc. (Monroe Division) selling only two-way radios. Shortly after the store opened, cellular phones hit the marketplace, the Fowlers quickly adopted them and business mushroomed.

Today, our retail sales offices and service centers have fully trained staffs, which consists of communication sales specialists, authorized technicians and certified installers.

Our retail outlets features sales and service for Motorola two-way radios, as well as other wireless services.  The product displays make it easy for customer to explore communication option hands-on and to visualize which products best meet their communications needs.

Our biggest challenge is to stay on top of the constant changes and upgrades in wireless communication so people can get the most out of today’s technology.  In the past, products had a 14-month life span. Today, it’s dramatically less. By the time people are trained and up to speed on the latest equipment, it’s a dinosaur.  In an intensely competitive marketplace for wireless communications, we’ve manage to be successful. Our continued growth, along with a long list of satisfied customers is a sure indicator we are doing things right.

We are an authorized Motorola dealer.

Wherever you want to go in the wireless world, Two Way Radio of Carolina, Inc. (Monroe Division) can get you there.

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